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Kam’mryn Watson  better known as The Maap is a DJ, songwriter, independent artist, and musical genre developer hailing from California’s elite Inland Empire. Performing as The Maap, Kam’mryn’s many talents have circumnavigated the entertainment industry, culminating with his first full-length album, All Around The Maap, set for release on October 20, 2021. Kam’mryn’s love for his art began on his thirteenth birthday, when he was gifted his first turntable, and began spinning for family, friends, and eventually his local Atlanta, Georgia school district. His natural ability on the ones and twos as DJ Lilkali evolved rapidly, and soon Kam’mryn attracted the notice of stars such as T.I. & Tiny, Kodie Shane, and Trippie Redd. His enduring passion for Hip-Hop was ignited by his older brother turning him on to Lil’ Wayne, and he hasn’t looked back since.

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Growing up to become The Maap, Kam’mryn Watson continued to refine his music, eventually merging Hip-Hop and Pop music to give vibrant birth to a brand-new genre, which he christened “BedRock-Pop”. The philosophy behind this electrifying new discovery is a confluence of his own history with Rock and pop, and his avocation as an avid skateboarding enthusiast. Building on his experiences as a world traveler, the globetrotting artist has incorporated new sounds into his work as a cross- cultural blend of melodies that span the globe.

Leading up to All Around the Maap, Kam’mryn invested two full years collaborating with friends like Kodie Shane on Mystery Man (which registered 50k+ streams on My Lyrics) and Raspy, featuring Cali Stackz (another 40k+ streams on My Lyrics via Genius). The Maap’s captivating single Stop Playing saw its official video featured in popular industry journal Elevator Magazine, as well. Today, Kam’mryn AKA The Maap is looking forward to commemorating the new album’s eagerly anticipated release with a lavish Listening Pool Party at his palatial Georgia estate, for his friends, sponsors, and artistic patrons, creating the quintessential environment within which to “vibe out” and be immersed in his work. The future is bright for this gifted young creative soul, whose limitless love for music and community promise even greater compositions to come. 


“You dont win the race slow and steady, you win being consistent and going above and beyond.”

Kam’mryn Watson aka The Maap