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KAZI - The Maap Rising The Charts

An interview of The MAAP on KAZI Magazine.

The Maap is a young up-and-coming hip-hop artist with his own unique sound. He is originally from California, but he had to move around a lot when he was still a little kid. Due to constantly having to move, The Maap can quickly adapt to new surroundings. One thing he always found himself doing was hanging out at the local skateparks. And this helped to expose him to the different genres of music such as pop, hip hop, and rock music. One of the reasons he was inspired to start making music was because of his older brother, who passed away when The Maap was just eight years old. This tragedy has always haunted him and motivated him to become a successful music artist.

Aside from being influenced by his personal experiences, he’s also influenced by music artists such as Drake, Lil Wayne, and Panic! At The Disco. The Maap is combining all of his musical influences and has come up with his own unique sound that he has coined “Bedrock Pop.” He’s also taking the time to learn the business side of the music industry to help ensure that he’s successful. In 5 – 10 years from now, The Maap can envision himself as not only a highly successful music artist but also running a record label that’s just successful with some of the top exclusive artists signed to the label.

The Maap is fresh off the release of his debut album, All Around The Maap, which gave fans the first real taste of his new genre. The project has been well received, with hits like 2 The Moon generating a considerable buzz. But as a savvy businessman, he’s still focusing on evolving as an artist when it comes to perfecting his sound and stage presence. With each new release that he drops, you can expect to see his musical growth as he’s determined to tackle whatever the music game throws his way. So make sure you follow The Maap and stay caught up with everything he’s got in store for us. This is one music artist that is full of ambition and sure to leave a significant impact on the music industry.


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