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Southern California Artist The Maap Introduces New Genre “Bedrock-Pop”

An interview with Hip Hop artist The Maap on Hip Hop Weekly.

The Maap is from Southern California and has a very interesting story. He was DJing for people like Kodie Shane, DC Young Fly, Young Dro, Ralo and also T.I. and Tiny. After realizing that most artists do not take the DJ with them when they blow up, he decided to change the game he was playing and become the star himself.

The Maap life was not all that easy. He saw his older brother murdered in front of his face, at the age of 8. This is something that has really haunted him and driven him to become a super success story. One of the biggest things he focused on was learning the business part of the music game. It’s something that has hurt artists since the beginning of time. Not knowing the music business will and can leave you broke , after having a successful career. A lot of our favorite musicians left this world in debt and The Maap is not trying to be one of those types of artists.

The Maap released his first album which is called “All Around The Maap.” He is giving us in Introduction to his Genre which is called “Bedrock-Pop.” Now Bedrock-Pop is a mix between Bedrock and Rock And Hip-Hop. The goal for The Maap in the next 10 years is to have the most exclusive Record label with the Top Artists in the game.


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