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Star on the Rise The Maap x Hip Hop Scriptures Interview

DJ, songwriter, independent artist, and musical genre developer The MAAP has sat down to answer a few questions with Hip Hop Scriptures about himself, his upcoming work, his music career, and much more. Read an interview recap below and check out the full interview on YouTube above. You can also check out his Fresh Artist Friday feature here.

Interview was conducted by Priscilla Guadarrama

On his favorite project:

The MAAP chose his most recent work, All Around The MAAP. “I feel like I just put a lot more into this body of work than I have with any other project… This past year/year and a half, I feel like I’m at that point where I have everything I need to be the ideal artist. The whole project comes together really nice.”

On his genre own genre, Bed-Rock Pop:

“It’s a mix of bed-rock n roll and hip hop. It’s the perfect vibe.”

On the influence of California and Georgia on his sound:

Surprisingly, the MAAP is not a huge fan of West Coast rap. However he admits he gets a lot of inspiration for his lingo and bars from the California rap scene. As for Atlanta, the city’s influence shines in the kinds of beats The MAAP chooses. “Atlanta I would say is where I get my different part. The part where I just go freestyle with it.”

On the inspiration behind 2 The Moon:

The MAAP was back in his favorite state, Arizona, for the first time in years and he was in a really good mood. He was recording in a studio on the 40th floor, high up in the sky. “I felt like I was going to the moon! I felt like I was so high up… they were the first words that came to my head.”

On his upcoming work:

Lots of music videos are coming soon from The MAAP. No release date yet - The MAAP likes to keep his fans on their toes.


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