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Los Angeles Hip Hop Artist “The MAAP” Launches New Official Website

Vents Magazine interviews The MAAP on the launch of his new website.

The rising Los Angeles, California hip-hop artist Kam’mryn Watson, better known as The MAAP (Money Ain’t a Problem), has finally launched his much anticipated website. After the release of his album, “All Around The MAAP” in 2021, the rapper stated in an interview that he was ready to introduce his fans to the next level of entertainment by giving them access to all of his music, videos, photos, and merchandise. Last month, he kept his word by announcing on his Instagram that his official website,, was up and running.

“This is an opportunity for my fans and I to stay connected. This is my personal platform where everyone can see my upcoming music releases, events, buy my merch, read my blog posts and press articles, sign up for email updates, link up with me on social media, reach out to my management team regarding appearances, collaborations and more. Whether they’re on their phone or on their computer, I want everyone to have access to me anytime and anywhere, 24/7,” he stated.

The young entrepreneur has several titles: music artist, genre developer, model, and business owner. For the last year he has been sponsored by Seamoss Head, and has been approached with several recording contract deals. “When the right deal comes around I’ll know. For now, I’m enjoying working as an Independent artist, and making money doing what I love,” stated the L.A. born musician.

While most artists are just looking to display content on their sites, The MAAP’s goal was to create a space where fans could communicate and share their thoughts about music, life, and / or anything else. With COVID affecting so many, he hopes to make a change. “The pandemic has separated us all from each other, and I’d like to help us all to get closer again. So, if you’d like to find me, communicate with me, and find out about my world, then I’d like to do the same with you. Let’s connect! Visit my site, and follow me on social media. After all, I am The MAAP.”

Visit The MAAP’s Official Website:

And follow him Social Media:


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